Life Is Good

Tragi-comical Street Theatre

Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot” - Charlie Chaplin

Shakespeare's 'Romeo & Juliet' performed as puppet theatre. Who could be shocked by or loose his temper over that play? Oh yes, at least one: The depressed and suicidal Tonny who is in the audience. The street comedian Filippo must stop his Shakespeare show and take care of Tonny, who is in a miserable state. But our story has - unlike ‘Romeo & Juliet’ - a happy ending. Luckily.

A story about a meeting between two cultures,- friendship, new beginnings and hope. And a hymn to beauty of life and simple things can make a different.

‘Life is Good’ is performed in a universal international theatre language - with music, slapstick and body language. The part of Tonny is played by the Dane, Peter Kløft, and the Italian, Claudio Levati, is Filippo. They are both experienced actors who have acted in the streets all over the world, almost. So, this is street theatre at an international level  – for all ages and nationalities - and for rich and for poor!

By & with: Claudio Levati (IT) and Peter Kløft (DK)

Director: Niels Grønne

Set Designer: Christian Q. Clausen


The press wrote: 

Slapstick and raving madness

“Peculiar street theatre in a miniature set design
CPH Culture

"A feel good performance with the heart on it’s sleeve..

Enjoyable and touching”

Press photos

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