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The Theater

Dansk Rakkerpak & Faster Cool is the regional theatre of Næstved municipality in Denmark. Besides hosting local activities such as our international street theatre festival “Street Cut” the theatre is touring the globe and all of Denmark. The theatre produces at least two new performances every year. An indoor performance for young audiences and their adults with the use of puppets, animation, music/sound compositions and acting. And an outdoor performance made in a unique international comical physical theater language that appeals to both children and adults. Many of the outdoor performances can be performed indoor as well.

About the name:

Dansk Rakkerpak & Faster Cool was originally two theatres that merged in 2017.

“Dansk” means Danish and “Rakkerpak” is an old Nordic slang for ‘undesirable and suspicious groups of travelers’. Translated to English it could be: Danish Riff Raff.

“Faster” means Aunt and “Cool” refers to the interested, fun and cool adult that children adore because they are seen in their presence. The international name for Faster Cool is Auntie Cool.

Individually, we were good - together we are fabulous! -and provide quality performances for the age group: 1 ½ - 100 years.


Camille í Dali, Kirsten Nottelmann Rav, Niels Peter Kløft and (standing) Niels Grønne

Contact Info

Dansk Rakkerpak - The International Regional Theatre of Næstved

Grønnegades Kaserne Kulturcenter

Grønnegade 10

DK - 4700 Næstved


Phone +45 2178 4748

E-mail: post@danskrakkerpak.dk


CVR-nr: 38228803



Building 19, Grønnegade 10, DK - 4700 Naestved


Building 15, Grønnegade 10, DK - 4700 Naestved


General Manager

Kirsten Nottelmann Rav


Tlf. +45 2396 3254


Artistic Director

Niels Grønne


Phone +45 2942 7372


Artistic Director

Niels Peter Kløft


Phone +45 4023 0341


Artistic Director

Camille í Dali


Phone +45 6061 6212

Map of our home: Grønnegades Kaserne Kulturcenter

Dansk Rakkerpak & Faster Cool offers an exciting repertoire of stationary and touring performances and mobile events, puppet and animation theater, character performances and specially designed cultural events, workshops for schools, organisations and business entities etc.
Dansk Rakkerpak & Faster Cool
Grønnegades Kaserne Kulturcenter
Grønnegade 10, 4700 Næstved
CVR: 3822 8803
+45 2178 4748