Sherlock Holmes and the danish crown jewels

An hour of comedy, music and fun - a veritable tour de force by Teatret Fair Play and Dansk Rakkerpak.

Sherlock Holmes’s deadly enemy, Moriarty, escapes from his cell in the Tower of London, swearing revenge and proclaiming he will steal the crown jewels of Margaret, Queen of Denmark, from under Holmes very nose! Sherlock takes up the challenge and immediately sails for Copenhagen with his lifelong friend and secret weapon, Dr. Watson. Moriarty unleashes a cyclone of hair-raising calamities upon the Queen’s castle, Amalienborg: Prince Henrik’s dachshund, Tilly, disappears, reappearing as a devilish dish of cocktail sausages; her Majesty the Queen is sawn in half by a mysterious magician, who steals away with the Crown Jewels; Dr. Watson is kidnapped and enchained in a cellar under the castle; until, finally, Sherlock Holmes, alone, faces his arch-enemy, Moriarty, in deadly combat…

Video and editing: Soeren K. Kloeft


Idea and concept Niels Grønne and the team
Director Alex Byrne
Actors Niels Grønne, Robert Parr, Peter Kløft and Karen Duelund Guastavino
Set Christian Q. Clausen
Composer: Karen Duelund Guastavino
Dramaturge Jane Rasch
Production Jakob Ebbe
Costumes Helle Birkholm
Duration 50 minutes
Age group Adults and children over 6
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