Psycho - Street Cut

A Comedy Thriller

What frightens is the expectation of terror
Film director, Alfred Hitchcock

We’re going for the thrill...


Dansk Rakkerpak pay homage to the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, with a remake of his undisputed masterwork, “Pyscho” from 1960. All, of course, in authentic, non-verbal, Rakkerpak-style with dollops of hilarious slapstick, precise timing, physical humour and musicality – and, of course, with an unsurpassable slow-motion, finale.

The performance will be played in daylight, which naturally forgoes some of the normal characteristics associated with a thriller. Furthermore, the police and children’s rights organisations have demanded that the murderer’s deadly kitchen knife be replaced by a wet fish and the detective’s pistol, by a banana.

Nevertheless, we are obliged to issue the following warning:

“Psycho – Street Cut” is not for the faint-hearted!


”The most respectful way to approach a classic is to attack it disrespectfully!” -Theatre director, Niels Grønne

About the story...

Nightclub singer Marion steals a diamond necklace from a smarmy rich man and runs away. The weather turns stormy and she decides to overnight in a random motel. But the motel owner, Norman Bates, is raving mad and kills her. Marion’s sister, Lila and the private detective, Milton, appear on the scene of the crime and together decide to reveal the murderer…

Idea and concept Grønne & Kløft
Script Niels Grønne and the team
Director Niels Grønne
Actors Susanne Bonde,
Jesper Pedersen,
Thomas Dinesen,
Peter Kløft
Dramaturge Jane Rasch
Composer Thomas Dinesen
Set Christian Q. Clausen
Costume design Malene Bjelke
Wardrobe Hanne Mørup
Duration Appx. 50 minutes
Age Group
For adults and children over 6


Video and editing: Søren K. Kløft

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