Crazy Coppers

Foot patrol, mounted and on tandems

Crazy Coppers is a completely crazy, hard-hitting police corps, which can be called in wherever and whenever law and order needs a little tightening up. Since 1994 the Crazy Coppers have patrolled all manner of culture nights, pedestrian streets, festivals, markets, shows and fairs throughout the country as well as dropping in on numerous conferences, openings, receptions and other such events. Furthermore the corps has enjoyed great success in guest appearances at many festivals abroad.


Crazy Coppers is not a theatre performance in the traditional sense, but a piece of, “mobile street theatre” comprised of a series of events which create the framework for the actors’ improvisation. The nature of each arrangement, its physical framework and the interaction between actors and audience then determine the quality of the end result.


Crazy Coppers spare no resources, nor shy away from using any methods regarding matters of national security…so pampered children, inadequate adults and other criminal groups beware!

Idea and concept Niels Grønne and Peter Kløft
Costumes Malene Bjelke
Horses Annika Nilsson and Malene Bjelke
Props and special Effects Christian Q. Clausen
Duration 60-90 minutes divided in 2-3 patrols
Touring All year

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